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Special Collection

Exploring cognition using new technological advances

Collection launched: 30 Jul 2021

Complex socio-cognitive skills in humans are the result of the interaction with our environment. Nowadays, the exploitation of new technological tools has profoundly changed the world we interact with. We use technological tools, such as the voice assistant, in every-day life to navigate in a new city, to support our memory, and to train socio-cognitive skills.

With this research collection, we want to give a follow-up to a symposium presented at ESCoP 2019 conference on social cognition in Human-Robot interaction. Here, we extend the focus of the discussion to a larger category of cognitive processes. The aim is to highlight the advantages offered by using robots in understanding human cognition. Using technologically advanced tools to examine human cognition allows systematic manipulation of behavioural parameters in a controlled and modular was. At the same time, the modelling of cognition allows for novel insights into cognitive architectures.

The collection covers a broad spectrum of topics in cognitive and social psychology embedded in Human-Robot interaction ranging from empathy, learning, and cognitive control.

Guest Editors: Francesca Ciardo & Agnieszka Wykowska