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Special Collection

Public Acceptance and Rejection of Science in a ‘Post-Truth’ World

Collection launched: 10 Jan 2020

Imagine a future world that considers knowledge to be “elitist.” Imagine a world in which it is not medical knowledge but a free-for-all opinion market on Twitter that determines whether a newly emergent strain of avian flu really is contagious to humans. This dystopian future is still just that—a possible future. However, there are signs that public discourse is evolving in this direction: terms such as “post-truth” and “fake news,” largely unknown until 2016, have exploded into media and public discourse and there is much concern about a presumed deterioration of the integrity of public discourse. Articles in this special collection examine the role of science in an emerging “post-truth” world and provides a number of perspectives on the factors that determine the acceptance and rejection of scientific findings, and how science denial might be best confronted.

Edited by Henrik Singmann