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Special Collection

The future of embodiment research – Challenges and Opportunities

Collection launched: 23 Sep 2020

The role of embodiment in high-level cognition has been debated intensely for decades. Much of this debated has been restricted to the proof-of-concept level, where the question is whether modal systems are involved in some un(der)specified way in high-level cognition. The generally agreed-upon answer is that they are. However, at the mechanistic level progress has been slow and it is not clear what roles sensory-motor simulations have in specific cognitive domains, how central and wide-ranging their roles are, and how the notion of embodiment can be integrated in unified accounts of cognitive function. This Special Collection presents empirical and theoretical contributions that discuss and showcase how the field can overcome these challenges.

Guest editors: Markus Ostarek, Martin Fischer, Falk Huettig